I will not carry out to a good gnat

I will not carry out to a good gnat azheist datovГЎnГ­ lokalit

337 Thou seyst together with, that if we build united states gay Thou sayest and, that when we create ourselves gay 338 That have clothyng, sufficient reason for precious selection, Which have clothes, along with precious adornments, 339 That it is peril away from oure chastitee; It is harmful to the chastity; 340 Yet — that have sorwe! — thou most impose thee, Yet — bad luck to help you thee! — thou need certainly to bolster thy disagreement, 341 And you may seye thise wordes on the Apostles label: And state such conditions about Apostle’s term: 342 “Inside habit maad with chastitee and you may shame “In gowns made with chastity and you may guilt 343 Ye wommen shul apparaille yow,” quod he, Your women shall garments yourselves,” he said, 344 “And you may noght into the tressed heer and you will gay perree, “Rather than inside the meticulously arranged hair and you will homosexual precious rocks, 345 Once the perles, ne with gold, ne clothes riche.” Such pearls, nor that have silver, neither steeped cloth.” 346 Immediately following thy text, ne shortly after thy rubriche, According to thy text message, neither into the agreement which have thy interpretation, 347 We wol nat wirche given that muchel since a great gnat.

And this no person can endure new last

348 Thou seydest it, which i is actually lyk a cat; Thou told you so it, that i try such a cat; 349 To possess whoso wolde senge a great cattes skyn, To own in the event the somebody perform singe a beneficial cat’s surface, 350 Thanne wolde the brand new pet wel dwellen in the in; Next perform the latest cat really stay-in his dwelling; 351 Incase the new cattes skyn feel slyk and you can gay, And if the latest cat’s body getting smooth and you may gay, 352 She wol nat dwelle internal half 24 hours, She will maybe not remain in family half of a day, 353 But ahead she wole, er one go out end up being dawed, However, forth she will (go), before any time end up being dawned, 354 In order to shewe hir skyn and goon an excellent-caterwawed. To exhibit the girl skin and you can go yowling like a pet in the temperature. 355 This can be so you can seye, easily be gay, sire shrewe, It is to express, basically be well dressed, sir scoundrel, 356 We wol renne away my personal borel getting in order to shewe. I am able to go out to demonstrate my worst dresses.

Sir old fool, exactly what assistance is it to own thee so you can spy?

357 Sire olde deceive, exactly what helpeth thee so you can spyen? 358 Thogh thou preye Argus together with hundred or so yen Regardless of if thou hope Argus together with his hundred or so sight 359 Is my warde-cors, as he kan better, As my personal bodyguard, when he best understands just how, 360 For the feith, he shal nat kepe me but me personally lest; Inside trust, the guy shall not continue me but while i delight; 361 Yet , koude We build their berd, so moot I thee! But really am i able to deceive him, once i may do just fine!

362 Thou seydest eek one to ther already been thynges thre, Thou told you plus there are about three one thing, 363 The new whiche thynges troublen al it erthe, The fresh new which one thing trouble all of this world, 364 Which no wight could possibly get survive the fresh ferthe. 365 O leeve sire shrewe, Jhesu shorte thy lyf! O dear sir scoundrel, Goodness reduce thy lifetime! 366 Yet prechestow and you will seyst an enthusiastic hateful wyf Yet , thou preachest and you may sayest a hateful partner 367 Yrekened is for oon out of thise meschances. Is reckoned among this type of misfortunes. 368 Come ther nothing othere maner resemblances Are there not one kind of reviews 369 One to ye could possibly get likne youre parables to, That can be used on the sayings, 370 But if a good sely wyf getting oon off tho? In place of a terrible wife’s being included in this?

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