Patama Prices are how you can display one to’s frustrations regarding numerous things in life

Patama Prices are how you can display one to’s frustrations regarding numerous things in life

It is a method away from accompanying the easy things on the melodramatic views out-of lifetime, primarily concerning frustrations regarding like, relationship, plastic material na kaibigan, kabit, effect mayaman, getting tsismosa, etcetera. Mainly about Filipino phrase “patama” for example veiled ideas, patama estimates are undetectable significance within this a certain joke or aphorism. You should be delicate to help you decode the real definition trailing the words and additional understand what this type of quotes try saying. These types of quotes is completely fun and you can fascinating to share you to definitely is the reason many of them was basically ton the new societal media websites.

Particular patama rates should end up being funny as it is a good way of the latest Filipino people to help you laugh in the issues frequently than simply perhaps not. Listed below are some the very best patama rates we features here to you personally.

Like takes into account no physical variations although not, when like is actually misinterpreted because of the meaning “to love many’, the outcome are devastatingly heartbreaking, as the some men consider that have loads of mistresses, hence the term “kabit”

  • Kung pwede lang itapon lahat ng mga kaibigan ko sa dagat, matagal ko na sanang ginawa para poder lumutang kung sino talaga ang mga synthetic.

Bogus family relations is actually versus plastic material garbage and that, whenever try tossed with the water, drifts on the skin that’s for this reason without difficulty recognized as an effective synthetic. It’s typical for a person to need to learn hence among his/the lady members of the family is plastic material or bogus with regards to friendship, that is why the newest foolish sense of throwing everyone towards the the sea can’t be helped either, just to choose which happen to be genuine family members and you may that are not.

Love takes into account no physical differences not, whenever like are misunderstood because of the meaning “to love many’, the outcome can be devastatingly tragic, due to the fact some men think which have enough mistresses, and that the term “kabit”

  • Sa panahon ngayon joke na ang totoo, promise na ang panloloko.

This can be one of many impressive patama quotes which speak about the new paradox from promises. The only real some thing are kept in the put aside today are not claims any more but cheating and you can lays. Furthermore, jokes now are even truer than simply promises. That it offer is intended to humor a broken cardio however, including an amusing quotation is also meant to bring a lesson in order to individuals not to trust its minds in order to anyone therefore effortlessly.

Like takes into account no actual differences but not, when like are misunderstood by the definition “to enjoy many’, the effect is devastatingly heartbreaking, because males thought having a number of mistresses, and therefore the definition of “kabit”

  • Huwag mong ipagsiksikan ang sarili mo sa taong ayaw naman sa yo. Tandaan mo. Hindi ka SARDINAS!

An individual who was struggling to find the brand new welcome of one to s/he wants has been well known out of a might of sardines. We realize you to definitely a will from sardines has actually little in order to no additional room anyway if you are planning for the placing extra stuff inside. Become reminded that you’re one rather than a good sardine, so that you need prevent out-of pressuring yourself into somebody’s lifetime, especially if the individual cannot have the in an identical way.

Like takes into account zero physical differences however, when like try misinterpreted of the meaning “to enjoy many’, the effect might be devastatingly tragic, because the some men think which have a great amount of mistresses, and this the phrase “kabit”

  • Sa pag-ibig, walang pangit, walang maganda, gwapo, payat o mataba. Pero KABIT, marami.

These types escort services in Joliet of patama quotes are usually printed of the individuals who has handled businesses, constantly by the wives that happen to be cheated into by the the husbands.

Like takes into account no physical variations although not, when love is actually misunderstood because of the definition “to enjoy many’, the outcome will likely be devastatingly tragic, because males believe with a good amount of mistresses, and that the phrase “kabit”

  • Hindi lahat ng katotohanan ay kailangang patunayan. Hindi rin lahat ng kasinungalingan ay kayang pagtakpan.

We have found other amusing sayings in the love

These patama quotes essentially discuss the real worth of insights. Details can’t ever be remaining veiled having a long time. It is going to conspire and you may unfold alone. Because could have been said a number of smart sayings, the fact are often prevail. For lies, some thing just cannot getting permanently fabricated. All masks from lays at some point wither plus the specifics should arrive at the outside. Date always unveils everything.

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