Does their human anatomy along with her locks get into her otherwise really does this lady looks belong to someone else?

Does their human anatomy along with her locks get into her otherwise really does this lady looks belong to someone else?

On the last half of your film, a woman (who’s not recognized) talks about virginity, saying: “Do a woman enjoys a right to her own looks? ,” “And therefore, which tiny layer ranging from this lady ft, to help you just who can it fall-in?,” “An earlier woman’s virginity is actually doubted, and you may this woman is subjected to an examination because of the a medical professional. The woman writes your test hurt her which as that time – for the past 7 ages – she can’t be found from the their husband as on her basic night as an excellent ination….and it is actually unearthed that she was still a good virgin. Right here she writes a page so you’re able to Uktam Mukhammad Murod, a medical doctor, asking if the there are more less-bland answers to verify virginity…here the guy gives examples and you may writes that they can be studied right now…how much does this suggest…one or two women are acceptance so you can cook a keen egg, if at all possible a good dove’s egg or a tiny chicken egg, clean this eggs really, and you will force they towards good woman’s put. In the event your eggs gets into with ease this means that the lady isn’t an excellent virgin. Whether or not it will not enter or goes in that have issue it indicates you to she’s however good virgin.”

Recommendations that is given in a sense, such adolescent jargon, would-be more straightforward to undertake than simply pointers presented during the a scholastic fashion

Instance ridiculous, baseless, and you may poor responses insults brand new lifestyle of individuals out of Uzbekistan in a manner that it can get noticed as slander, disparaging and you will disrespectful away from federal way of living. Using this type of didactic techniques, the latest article writers indoctrinate minors, following personal aim of undermining a healthy lifestyle and possess violating all of the clinically-rooted pedagogical and you may emotional strategies for getting ready the new generation having adulthood.

All of our Republic has actually extensive services for top-notch emotional consultation services from the land away from younger married couples. Having eg a questionable movie, and this projects so you can weaken our very own religious and you may ethical philosophy, isn’t called for inside Uzbekistan. Getting conventional religions, the latest chastity off men pre and post relationships is based towards his health – the health of his human body, heart, and heart.

One philosophy suggesting brand new teaching off free intimate affairs is during resistance to an excellent living for the individual and for area as a whole

“The duty away from Virginity” doesn’t conform to the means of ideology because the national living additionally the culture and customs of the peoples residing Uzbekistan are not taken into account. So it movie promotes a serious distortion of your own second generation’s impact out-of opinions. The film is additionally emotional and ent off kids and you can more youthful some body. Shipping of this flick have a tendency to significantly wreck the brand new religious opinions of Uzbekistan.

The brand new photo album “Gents and ladies: Out of Start so you’re able to Dusk” (Gender Program of your Embassy off Switzerland when you look at the Uzbekistan), Tashkent – 2007.

Lead to the help of the Swiss Embassy’s Sex Program, this new record album “People: Off Sunrise in order to Sundown” include 111 photos by Umida Akhmedova. New introduction for the publication try compiled by historian Nodira Azimova. Azimova explores the photographs regarding record from the section out-of look at intercourse. At the same time, she talks about this new federal ceremony of your Uzbeks and you will Tajiks called “kelin-salom.” In her own advice, the latest bride-to-be that is entering another type of family must submit to each of this lady the new family members: regarding loved ones patriarch down seriously to the tiniest boy. What is very important your bride submits towards patriarchal construction from the woman the latest friends. The recognized lifestyle and you may the great beliefs, and therefore every young women dream of and which the fiance satisfies happily – this is basically the great service out of “kelin-salom.” To test the ceremonies regarding intercourse cannot generate experience. Although not, the brand new authors establish of numerous such as records about addition into album. 90 % of photo regarding the record album have been drawn in remote, backward towns, therefore the author’s point is always to reveal the difficult nature out-of lives.

On motion picture “The duty of Virginity,” numerous anybody (just who appear to be gurus, but who are not commercially recognized) talk about virginity, but who they are, in which it acquired the information, on what base he is in search of this topic the are still unsure. The film begins with a quote, “Every situations and other people regarding film are fictitious. One similarity so you can actual anybody and their lifetime is complete happenstance.” Performs this mean that the individuals just who narrate the movie is and fictional, and if thus, next what is the purpose of the film, and you will what were this new purposes off writers before the creation?

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