Casey and you will Evan get in a fight you to definitely night where Evan informs Casey the guy nonetheless enjoys the woman

Casey and you will Evan get in a fight you to definitely night where Evan informs Casey the guy nonetheless enjoys the woman

Till the beginning of the show, Casey and Rusty was indeed never ever extremely romantic while they stayed in one or two additional worlds. Casey seemed to be really ashamed by the the girl sibling. When Casey found CRU, she never ever said the girl brother, Rusty. She indeed wasn’t thrilled when he made a decision to reach CRU, but is actually happy to put up with your and you will sometimes meet to possess a month-to-month brunch to catch up. Just after Rusty revealed so you’re able to her you to Evan duped for her and you may “defended the girl award” from the hitting him about deal with that have a guarantee paddle, the pair of them provided to top the relationship and be section of for each and every others’ lifetime. They become going to each other to have suggestions and you can consoled one to various other whenever awful one thing occurred to every of those. Casey is actually happy to assist Rusty with relationships and matchmaking pointers, however, she would not let him with something associated with his intercourse lifestyle Fitness online dating. While he performed arrive at their to have advice on something sexual, Casey perform rating Ashleigh to assist your as the she was as well uncomfortable towards subject. The only real big date Casey had by herself involved in Rusty’s sexual life happens when she tried to stop your of dropping their virginity so you’re able to Lisa Lawson. She including tries to protect Rusty from taking damage emotionally as viewed when she advised Ashleigh to not try your, until she try clear on the girl personal ideas toward your. Casey from time to time calls Rusty, “Russ” or “Jiminy Cricket”. While Casey are angry at the him otherwise attempts to score him to say any sort of he could be concealing out of the lady, she will contact Rusty since “Russell Allen”.


Cappie was Casey’s first love. They old for half a year starting in its freshman seasons and you can its constant thinking each most other are a primary patch range about collection. They first split due to the fact Cappie forgot to take Casey so you’re able to the fresh All of the Greek Golf ball. About Pilot, it connected just after Evan duped to the Casey, having Evan after accusing Casey of nonetheless staying in like having Cappie. After Rusty told Cappie one Casey had been loused because of the Evan he thought he need and you will winnings her straight back, or discourage the lady off stating sure. That it turns out together with them composing a paper along with her and you will making out. Casey closes it off and you will makes. In the second half of the very first season whether or not Cappie was dating Rebecca the guy nonetheless really keeps thinking for Casey. They afterwards return and relocate to Washington together.

Evan Chambers

Casey and Evan were the advantage few Greek Line however, unfaithfulness and you may mistrust resulted in downfall of the matchmaking. Casey and additionally detests Rebecca Logan during a lot of year one to just like the she slept which have Evan the initial nights rush. Through the year, Casey carry out telephone call Rebecca naughty otherwise make reviews such as for instance “This is certainly from the thinking that your particular sisters remain around for you. That they will connect your once you slide, and you will assuming that they will never be skanky nymphos which sleep that have your boyfriend.” Evan and you may Casey split given that Frannie advised Evan one she convinced Casey to remain that have him just after the guy cheated. She along with informed him you to she does not genuinely believe that Casey try over Cappie. This leads to a massive strive where Evan vacations with Casey, as the he cannot believe that Casey cares to own your and therefore she did not make sure he understands concerning hug which have Cappie. Once the break up Evan de–loused Casey, and you will de–crowned this lady out of Omega Chi boyfriend. Immediately after Casey informs Evan during the an event she continues to have feelings having him the guy finds out the guy likewise has thinking for her. Yet he was far too late and Casey the following early morning showed right up within his home telling Evan that she merely wanted to end up being household members. Evan following spends other basic 12 months doing things he believes have a tendency to profit their straight back. Eg becoming family unit members along with her, providing Zeta Beta’s Mr. Purrfect champion Shane an one thousand-dollar pay never to day Casey. Along with during the event “A story regarding A couple of Parties” Evan tends to make their absolutely nothing brother remain on “Casey Duty” that was focus on interference between Casey and you can people guy one to she are talking as well. The guy later assists Casey study towards the LSats. Frannie next manipulates Ashleigh towards informing Shane regarding,due to the fact she already knows the trick. It up coming provokes Shane to informing Ashleigh exactly what really took place. She generally says to Evan that he must move forward.

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