#5: How-do-you-do? = Hajimemashite ??????

#5: How-do-you-do? = Hajimemashite ??????

And then make all of our way to the termination of the day now! Konbanwa (otherwise kombanwa) ?????, definition a beneficial nights, is principally made use of-you thought they-later in the day at night. There is absolutely no exact date you should begin to use this keywords alternatively away from konnichiwa. Generally, regardless of if, just after they begins to score ebony away, this is basically the anticipate to utilize.


  • You may use the occasional setting oyasumi ???? whenever saying an excellent night so you’re able to a close relative or buddy.
  • Might be printed in all hiragana just like the ???????, otherwise having kanji due to the fact ?????? (?? form “rest”).

Hajimemashite ?????? will be simply be put when fulfilling anybody to the first-time. It is like the brand new English anticipate “How-do-you-do?” although some you are going to change it as “Nice in order to satisfy your” otherwise “Very happy to satisfy you.”


That it keyword is pretty much noticable exactly how it’s spelled: ha-jee-meh-mosh-teh. Notice how you usually do not overly enunciate the fresh “i” adopting the “sh” voice.


  • That it keywords may be the very first thing you tell individuals the, accompanied by their title and then some other popular statement: dozo yoroshiku or yoroshiku onegaishimasu (select lower than for more on this allowed), which is generally speaking interpreted as the “Nice to satisfy you.”
  • Constantly printed in hiragana given that ??????, though you may establish they having kanji since the ????? (? setting “for the first time”).

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#6: Nice to satisfy You / Thanks = Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu ??????????

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu ?????????? try a relatively complicated invited, and there’s many different ways to utilize and you can state it. Thus, it does not change without difficulty on the English.

You to definitely interpretation out-of yoroshiku onegaishimasu is “Nice to get to know your” or “Delight reduce myself well” for people who state they whenever fulfilling anybody the new. However, additionally indicate “Excite and you may many thanks” or “Thank-you beforehand” when you find yourself as an alternative using it to inquire of individuals having good like.

Other translations in the terms is “Thank you for skills” or “I’m in financial trouble for you” (when someone has been doing or could be doing something to simply help otherwise benefit you for some reason).

  • Before: “I’ve a huge knowledge planned in the future. I’m sure I am a bit concern with they, thus i merely wanted to sign in along with you. Could there be things I can do to support you?”
  • After: “Which had been a tense state. We noticed you were style of nervous before. How can you become now?”
  • Before, During the, and you can Immediately after: Render your buddy terms and conditions off affirmation and reassurance. People who have personal stress are extremely important off by themselves during the societal situations, so you’re able to let counteract the inner critic by being amicable.
  • Avoid: Words such as for instance “Only unwind!” or “You are being also hushed.” In order to a person with public anxiety, this will check dismissive or crucial.

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