The absence of pullorum-contaminated wild birds from inside the sublines instead red-colored-legged little ones is definitely worth discussing

The absence of pullorum-contaminated wild birds from inside the sublines instead red-colored-legged little ones is definitely <a href=""></a> worth discussing

Probably, a man moms and dads of those specimens was basically homozygous to the gene W. For the several sublines of 20, where men moms and dads were heterozygous (Ww), hens that have pullorum state was basically understood. Possibilities from the population is achieved from the recessive gene w (yellow body).

The fresh new Barred-and-Speckled Leghorn was an egg-installing breed but it’s a little too hefty. The newest real time pounds off 150-day-old pullets are 1.74 hence of mature hens is actually 2.0-2.step one kg. The fresh new live weight of dicks is actually dos.5 kg. Age of readiness is actually 165 months. Yearly manufacturing are 220 eggs averaging 58 grams. Champion levels give 270-290 egg a-year. Egg-shell try ointment or light; choice is occurring for solution along with. Fertility from eggs try 90-95% and hatchability 80%. Endurance rate of younger doing 150 days of decades is 95%; when you look at the adults it is 87%.

The characteristic feature of the new population is an excellent carcass appearance. In this trait they are superior to all known breeds of coloured chickens which carry the dominant gene E. Barred-and-Speckled hens, when mated with cocks of the C1C2 male parental form from the cross Hysex white, produce three-line hybrid layers, which are as good as four-way hybrids.

Barred-and-Speckled Leghorns was bred to possess improved egg production as well as combining function throughout the cross that have men adult contours regarding Light Leghorns.

Black colored SPECKLED AUSTRALORP (Cherno-pestraya avstralorp)

An experimental population was created at the All-Union Research Institute of Farm Animal Breeding and Genetics by breeding inter se descendants of Black Australorps which had been injected intramuscularly with blood from Barred Plymouth Rocks. The total volume of components injected during 11 months amounted to 330-380 ml per bird. The 1962 experiment resulted in 1093 offspring (F1). Among them were birds in which the juvenile moult produced, instead of black, a partially or completely white plumage. The number of chickens (F1) with depigmentation in groups which received injections of the whole alien blood, plasma, and blood elements was 4 (2.2%), 2 (1.9%) and 1 (0.9%). The control group had no specimens with white plumage.

Mendelian research indicated that the white color of the plumage inside the chickens obtained contained in this check out are dependent on the end result out of this new partial-principal gene De with forty% penetrance in the heterozygotes (Dede). The word of depigmentation ranged significantly from inside the personal birds.

Experimental chickens and shown a considerable version from the off colour of embryo. Together with black colored, that is normal getting Australorps, almost light are observed, with many transitions between the two. As long as this might be a good recessive profile, brand new mating from heterozygotes is always to promote 25% out of instances. The deviation of your own observed number (7) in the technically expected (8-9) appeared as if maybe not mathematically significant.

Wild birds that have light embryo off was in fact bred inter se and you may entered that have birds with other down the color. Inside the 1973-74, more 5000 such chicks was in fact hatched. The decisive plumage try black colored with a small depigmentation. It was affirmed you to definitely white colour of the fresh embryo down was passed down due to the fact an excellent recessive profile regarding black colored and this it’s subject to the autosomal gene sp (spot). The brand new gene sp suppress melanin synthesis for the homozygotes not just in certain generations of one’s plumage, and also throughout the shanks. Which advances notably the appearance of Black Speckled Australorp carcasses (dede spsp), versus fresh breed – Black Australorps (dede SpSp).

Two F5 females birds produced 33 girls 7 (21%) from which was basically light that have a small black spot on the right back

Then reproduction are held using this type of class and you will raising out of chickens holding brand new De allele are discontinued. Birds that have light definitive plumage (DeDe SpSp) got vision defects followed by warning signs of exophthalmos and you will anexophthalmos.

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