Second and you will 3rd place are Australia and you can Asia, which have mil and you will million users correspondingly

Second and you will 3rd place are Australia and you can Asia, which have mil and you will million users correspondingly

This could perhaps not wonder clients that familiar with this site, but the very first takeaway for years and you may intercourse is not difficult: the largest section of Reddit’s audience skews more youthful and you can male. Inside the a recent 2019 survey because of the Statista, it had been found that 22 % out-of individuals old 18 so you can 31 ages and 14 per cent out-of profiles aged 30 to forty two ages fool around with Reddit. Pew Research’s 2016 good site poll found that, even though the United states is actually split up 49 percent men to 51 % ladies, more than two-thirds from Reddit profiles in the usa skewed men. Accounts inside created by Statistica unearthed that payment huge difference could be as much as 69 % men, as opposed to the 67 % Pew Search found. Regardless, it’s safer to imagine that almost all pages towards the Reddit try men, and although both of those individuals analytics make use of the All of us due to the fact the polling set, it’s likely similar in the other countries in the world. Pew plus discovered that people that play with Reddit as his or her main way to obtain reports skew alot more male, getting as much as 71 percent.

In america, age range regarding people realize a somewhat well-balanced shipping, with twenty-two percent of the human population composed of 18-31 year-old, 34 percent on 31-49 a long time, 25 percent about 50-64 range, and just 19 % regarding people above the chronilogical age of 65. Such amounts have probably shifted a bit because the data are attained when you look at the 2016; irrespective of, they hold real for the section todayparatively, brand new Reddit user foot doesn’t match these numbers after all. Considering investigation accumulated within the 2016, 64 % of one’s Reddit user foot is actually between the many years regarding 18 and you can 29, and something 31 percent had been between your period of 30 and you can forty-two. Just 6 percent from Reddit pages was indeed found to be ranging from history from 50 and you will 64, and just just one per cent have been 65 or earlier.

Thus, since society of your You may equally marketed in the regards to each other years and gender, Reddit’s users is actually anything but.


Current 2020 analytics out of Statista suggests that the largest amount of Reddit users can be found in the united states, at the mil pages. New chart below shows an individual matter for the regions inside the and therefore Reddit are top:

Reddit on their own has stated that 54 percent of its listeners comes in the You at the time of , hence seems to match very well on the newest studies: 222 million U.S established users from 430 million users is around 52%.

Keep in mind such amounts most likely are from Internet protocol address address contact information, which means the actual proportions could be skewed through the explore of VPNs. This could indicate that users in the nations having heavier degrees of censorship, for example Russia (and this, become fair, has just introduced legislation blocking the effective use of VPNs, however they are most likely however used) and you can China (where Reddit has been in past times blocked), could be with the platform significantly less than additional Ip contact courtesy countries such as the Us. In the course of time, no matter an excessive amount of-this new takeaway right here might be one doing 50 % of Reddit’s users is based in the United states.


The fresh desk lower than shows a great 2019 survey of Reddit users according so you’re able to % usage in this a particular ethnicity; while the surveyed from the Statista.

The fresh new Pew Browse poll regarding 2016 find that, instead of many years and you will gender, Reddit’s listeners indeed uses brand new manner of the United states inhabitants rather directly. Regarding told you Pew Research poll, we could pick Reddit’s user ft is primarily light non-Hispanic, coming in at seventy percent off Reddit’s profiles in the United Says. Black colored non-Latina profiles is at eight percent out-of Reddit’s base on All of us, Hispanic pages from the several %, or any other non-Hispanic on eleven percent full. In the usa, white non-Hispanic adults made up 65 % of your own population, which have black low-Latina making-up twelve %, Hispanic getting back together fifteen %, and other non-Latina creating 8 %.

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