Gender: cismale (he/him) Orientation: pansexual Occupation: huntsman Face Claim: Charlie Gillespie

Gender: cismale (he/him) Orientation: pansexual Occupation: huntsman Face Claim: Charlie Gillespie

Emilio turned new protector of your own college students from the school due to his studies just like the a hunter, he had been the strongest of one’s youngsters, and also the simply college student that was peoples, aside from the witches one attended the college.

Even if Emilio try 19 years of age, he or she is good junior at the Salvatore Boarding school, having been held straight back several times into the basic college or university. Emilio try diagnosed with dyslexia and you will dyscalculia and this influenced each other his understanding and you will associated vocabulary-dependent operating skills and his awesome capability to know wide variety and you may learn math items. He’d started browsing the elementary college or university into the Fell’s Chapel when they came upon that it analysis and three day rule promo codes they did not have in any manner so you can help the child so they got sent your to another college or university that had coaches taught to assist kids using this analysis.

Tatia exhibited everyone in the Mikaelson loved ones like, even when the Mikaelson don’t love the lady

Species: New Vampire (through Ayanna) Skills: Extremely strength, extremely rate, very speed, extremely longevity, invulnerability so you can white pine, invulnerability to help you vervain (because is bought at the base of the brand new light oak), immortality, very recuperation, emotional control, enhanced attitude, head compulsion, sire bond, telepathy, fantasy control, shapeshifting.

Weaknesses: creature blood, broken neck, brand new reduce, desiccation, invitation, wonders, bodily shock, poison, sun, werewolf chew (low life-threatening), enchanted thorns

Henrik Mikaelson ‘s the youngest of your own Mikaelson siblings, born three or four many years just after their cousin Rebekah, and one which caused his parents to help you curse his sisters, and themselves. He had been personal together with sisters, nothing to combat which have any of them, particularly their sister Niklaus and his awesome aunt Rebekah.. Henrik appeared to tell you no sign of having his own secret, even if their mommy envision he’d because maternity had experienced in different ways after that their half a dozen other of those. He did not invest as often day along with his mothers, but more hours together with his sisters, and far such as for instance his almost every other sisters he was afraid of his father.

Henrik first saw his elderly brothers, Elijah and you can Niklaus, initiate attacking after they come exhibiting need for a similar lady, Tatia. Henrik never ever saw the appeal of new doppelganger but the guy knew why. Henrik preferred the truth that she addressed your aswell even when she had each other their brothers pitted up against both. As he got older he had much more curious about the country to him. Hence morbid interest resulted in his premature death, or so his siblings imagine.

Henrik Mikaelson

He was fourteen when his curiosity had the best of him. It was the evening of the full moon. Henrik wished to understand the people move towards the giants. He convinced Niklaus, who had been distraught when Tatia selected Elijah, in order to sneak out which have him observe brand new males change. Niklaus, beyond the proper disposition, grabbed him aside you to night. They observed the fresh new move and you will an awesome second into a couple of brothers had became crappy. Among werewolves spotted the brothers and started going after him or her. Niklaus rapidly discovered a lurking place thinking Henrik was not much trailing him, although youngest men had been trapped and wolf already been so you can maul your. Niklaus spotted the fresh wolf get lost just before the guy went off to their brother’s deceased human anatomy and you can carried your to the brand new town, when you look at the rips more than their error away from judgement from inside the taking the youngest Mikaelson over to comprehend the guys move.

After they surely got to the latest community Niklaus yelling due to their mom Rebekah appeared running-out viewing her nothing brother’s body in her own more mature brother’s palms. Quickly Esther and you may Elijah joined the 3 as well as Ayanna. Esther pleaded to the almost every other witch about here are a method so they can conserve him. Ayanna understood brand new man was not inactive, maybe not totally however, advised her or him if you don’t. She spelled Henrik’s looks to keep him inside a permanent bed county up to she realized he had been sufficiently to create your returning to life. But when she failed to confidence Esther flipping their left pupils, and her partner, for the vampires of the underworld. To protect them throughout the wolves and you can wage 1000 seasons combat into the a couple of varieties. Esther discovered of your other witch’s betrayal through to arriving at head to the lady having rings on her college students and you will seeing the boy’s human anatomy, prior to Esther you’ll do just about anything Klaus had murdered its mom once the lady betrayal from that features his werewolf front. Ayanna tried to awaken Henrik almost ten years later on but her spell backfired. When she attempted to aftermath your, the new youngest Mikaelson reach pass away again but to save him Ayanna turned Henrik towards the an effective vampire casting a similar spell to Esther’s but not needing to fool around with doppelganger bloodstream.

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