The storyline regarding Medusa during the Greek Mythology Said — Why Kill Medusa?

The storyline regarding Medusa during the Greek Mythology Said — Why Kill Medusa?

Inside Greek myths, MEDUSA try among the many around three horrendous Gorgons, child from one or two esencial ocean deities, Phorcys and you will Ceto. Medusa is normally depicted because an effective winged females creature that have living venomous snakes on her behalf tresses. Such snakes changed the lady brand new tresses immediately after Athena cursed Medusa to own nearly depriving them of the woman magnificence. How?-Read on to find out.

The storyline out of Medusa is such a greatest Greek myth told nowadays, both so you can kids and you may grownups exactly the same. Based on some source, Medusa try truly the only Gorgon who had been mortal, very she been able to become beheaded of the Greek character, Perseus. Very early Greek and you may English experts plus mentioned that Athena try the fresh assist Perseus must behead Medusa. But as to the reasons?-Let’s read!

The beginning of the storyline off Medusa

Somewhere in Greece, a cursed animal remained hidden. Certainly one of every giants who inhabited the brand new nightmares of your Hellenic, it was surely perhaps one of the most dreadful. Of numerous daring heroes dared to hunt so it animal, however, nothing actually returned.

Medusa was not usually that way. She once had become probably one of the most beautiful people actually to walk the earth. She was given birth to of connection regarding a couple esencial ocean deities, Phorcys and you will Ceto. However, Medusa arrived to the country as the the common child.

Medusa had two sisters, Stheno and you can Euryale. These were Gorgons – creatures you to definitely combined ladies and serpent qualities. Because the youth, Medusa is predicated on the latest goddess Athena, whenever using the woman siblings, she constantly pretended is the fresh new goddess Athena, whenever you are their sisters choose to be the villains.

Because of the lady, she also used Iphicles, that is Medusa’s best friend. The 2 had been ine alot more stunning daily.

Medusa’s appeal produced the young Iphicles a simple target to have Eros, the newest goodness away from love. Crazy, Iphicles proclaimed his affection for Medusa. The students female deeply liked brand new son, but she imagined as an effective priestess from Athena and may even not cavern on temptation off love.

Getting Athena’s Priestess

When she hit the correct age, the students girl been this lady planning becoming an Athena priestess. New temples apprentices necessary to features clean carry out and discipline. All their serves might be mirrored regarding goddess’s reputation.

Among the many crucial requirements getting is a priestess away from Athena was absolute purity. They certainly were to help you reflect on their own during the Athena; for this reason, the students lady is are still virgins like their goddess which never surrendered with the determine out-of Eros (God of Like) and you may Aphrodite (Goddess out of Love and you can Beauty).

Medusa turned the ultimate priestess; Perhaps even also perfect. Brand new rituals used because of the Medusa left drawing so much more followers. Athena try delighted that have exactly how one to gorgeous girl performed for every single away from their facts.

Medusa had an attractive fluttering tresses, along with her movements it mesmerized people that stared at the her. A beneficial gullible son dared to say that Medusa’s tresses is actually much more stunning than just Athena’s. The latest goddess, about ideal out of Mount Olympus, seen a disturbance in just one of the woman temples. She realized that of a lot just weren’t truth be told there so you’re able to worship her, but rather to see the pleasant priestess.

Athena resisted this new enticement to do one thing up against individuals who shifted the attract away from the woman to help you Medusa. New deity know one to, even though this is actually incorrect, the young priestess was not responsible. At all, she was only carrying out the girl work in the simplest way she you’ll.

At the same time, within an effective Attach Olympus, Poseidon noticed the goddess’s restlessness. The ocean jesus and you can Athena got a major competition. They debated the authority to become city’s patron god, the new Attica region’s financial support. The new deity is actually the newest champion from the dispute, plus in honour of her the defensive goddess, the town changed their identity so you’re able to Athens.

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