Depending on the sufferers, the new Bishop is element of Karadima’s internal network and then he experienced intimate punishment into many era

Depending on the sufferers, the new Bishop is element of Karadima’s internal network and then he experienced intimate punishment into many era

He has got an almost experience of Angelo Sodano that will be thought their subcontract inside Chile (Sodano is nuncio in order to Chile during Pinochet’s techniques along with his exposure is definitive in delineating the newest traditional reputation of one’s latest episcopate)

From the drive, three people were mentioned since probably in control: 1) Cardinal Francisco Javier Errazuriz : he’s a reputation omissions regarding Karadima features a powerful determine across the Pope because an associate of Council regarding Cardinals (C9). Scapolo did regarding the Part of Affairs which have Condition when Sodano is Secretay out of County. For example Sodano, Scapolo developed a great connections to your Opus Dei (specially on the Bishop Ignacio Gonzalez), the brand new Legionaries regarding Christ or other old-fashioned organizations. Sodano try a buddy out-of Karadima (Bishop Barros’ godfather) and you may, such as for instance him, Scapolo advertised the brand new designation regarding Barros until the Pope regardless of the getting rejected regarding laypeople, predicated on various other sources.

I’m sure what you are stating and i am aware the fresh Church inside the Chile is in an emotional problem due to all of the examples it offers must proceed through

Scapolo is one of the few bishops just who went to installing the device size out of Barros when you look at the Osorno and in public expressed his assistance. Weeks before papal trip to Chile, the newest AP authored a released a page sent from the pope in the 2015 towards bishops’ appointment regarding the question of Barros. The newest letter found the latest bishops have been worried about this new Barros situation, hence Francis taught Scapolo so you can hold the wreck and you will disperse your away to stop scandal in advance of his meeting inside the Osorno. The plan would be to ask Barros when planning on taking an excellent sabbatical, but Scapolo boycotted the techniques. Brand new letter not only demonstrates that the newest Pope was conscious of situation ahead of appointing Barros, in addition to you to Scapolo’s manoeuver impeded a remedy. Barros participated in a religious sanctuary in the Spain directed by Arana into the elizabeth time brand new Pope chose to upload the brand new bishop so you can Osorno.

Considering some brands, following the retreat, Arana found Bergoglio and you can provided good sources off Barros. Prior to their come back to Chile, Barros fulfilled the brand new Pope to possess one hour. In , Arana attended installing Barros within the Osorno. In 2015, Pope Francis appointed Barros in order to lead the small diocese of Osorno inside southern-main Chile. In the event that conference was announced, numerous priests and you may set Catholics off Osorno highly denied Barros based on the allegations away from concealing having Karadima. They planned a presentation with the their inauguration time inside Osorno and you can, since that time, he’s raised the case in almost any such as for example. Into the 2015, Bergoglio discussed the outcome for the first time from inside the an relaxed statement the guy manufactured in Rome: “[Osorno] are a church you to shed the independence making it possible for by itself in order to fill their minds from the people in politics […].

So use your head and don’t rating overly enthusiastic by all the latest leftists that happen to be the ones who prepared this. In those decades, witnesses claim that Nuncio Angelo Sodano regularly go to Karadima to exchange information on the new Chapel. For the 1995, Barros is actually ordained bishop of the Cardinal Jorge Medina. Such as a great many other appointments, Sodano intervened in support of the fresh new promotion out of both Medina (in 1984) and you may Barros (1995). Olivia Monckeberg, Karadima: este senor de los infiernos, Santiago de- Chile, Discussion, 2011) – New Pope’s leaked page. Months till the beginning of the trip to Chile, the fresh new Relevant Drive wrote a released page your Pope delivered towards the government panel of Chilean Bishops’ Appointment regarding the matter-of Bishop Barros and also the Vatican’s heading to handle your as well as 2 almost every other prelates accused off understanding of Karadima’s abuses for decades.

The fresh page reveals the newest Chilean bishop’s fear of Barros and therefore Francis taught the newest nuncio Ivo Scapolo so you can keep the damage and you will disperse your away to prevent scandal long before the brand new conference in Osorno. New page was old , months after Barros’ meeting in Osorno. Bergoglio top 10 siti incontri penned: “I gotten your own email regarding Jan. Thanks for publicly declaring your own question nowadays of the newest fulfilling off Mons. Juan Barros Madrid. Brand new nuncio expected Mons. Barros so you’re able to resign [regarding the military bishopric] and you can recommended him when planning on taking an excellent sabbatical, (having perhaps a-year), ahead of and when another commitments due to the fact a beneficial Bishop.

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